Jonathan Carriel

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Photo by Margery Westin




Born:  May 10, 1947 in Wilmington, Delaware, USA


Family:  father, Jonathan T. Carriel (Sr.), Ph.D. (1914-1995), research chemist for Dupont and INCO; mother, Margaret Kearfott Carriel (1917-2009), housewife and writer, Martinsville, Virginia; brother, Benjamin K. Carriel, musician and teacher, Nyack, New York (and his wife Olga and their children Benjamin Jr. and Rebecca).  


Raised:  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Ridgewood, New Jersey


Education:  B.A., M.A., in History, New York University 1969, 1970


Residence:  New York City since 1965


Previous career:  Local area network technician, software trainer, and administrator, for Toronto-Dominion Bank, First Boston, Chase Manhattan, and the St. Christopher-Ottilie foster care organization.  



Other Publications:  Reviews on History News Network and the Journal of the American Revolution.



·      Currently serving as Secretary-Treasurer of the American Revolution Round Table–New York.

·      Served as Co-Chairman, Committee for the 250th Anniversary of the New York City Stamp Act Protests, Autumn 2015.

·      Recreational sailing has taken me all over the US East Coast and the Caribbean—including three visits to St. Eustatius—and also on excursions in Greece, Turkey, England, and France. Crewing for my late father, I sailed across the Atlantic Ocean (from Normandy to New York via the Azores and Bermuda) in 1984. For fifteen years (1997–2012), I sailed my Columbia 43 yacht VELUT LUNA on the Hudson River’s beautiful Tappan Zee out of the wonderful Nyack (NY) Boat Club. Now I am lucky to have friends who regularly invite me to race and sail with them!

·      As a Life Member of the Village Light Opera Group of New York City (which I joined in 1970), I still occasionally do odd jobs and set construction for its musical theater productions.


Available:  For public gatherings of book lovers and history lovers.  Ready to present (among other topics), “The First Clash: The Stamp Act Crisis in New York City.” Also: a capsule introduction to the French and Indian War and its comparability to current events. 


·      “The First Clash” was presented to the Bergen County Historical Society, at the historic Steuben House in River Edge, NJ, on September 15, 2016. 

·      “The First Clash” was presented to the Dover (Vermont) Historical Society, on July 16, 2016.

·      “The First Clash” was presented to the American Revolutionary War Roundtable (Bergen County, N.J.) in Westwood, N.J., on September 22, 2015.

·      “The First Clash” was first given to the American Revolution Roundtable–New York, on June 2, 2015.