Boat Pix

Pure Self-Indulgence (but you clicked on it!)


Facing north toward the Tappan Zee Bridge, from the vicinity of Dobbs Ferry, NY

Looking southward through the bridge, toward Irvington, NY

The vessel "on the hard" at Julius Petersen boatyard, Upper Nyack, NY

"Deck there!"  View of the boat from the masthead.

Skipper prepares to offer the annual libation to the river gods

Skipper enjoys his own libation, while cruising in Long Island Sound

The boat's "logo" -- the phrase from Carl Orff's CARMINA BURANA; the design by David T. Jones


The above graphic by David T. Jones (artist of the Dordrecht book covers) served as the boat’s “logo” on her transom.


VELUT LUNA has, alas, gone to boat heaven—one of the myriad casualties of Hurricane Sandy—but she left your author and many others with some very fond memories.