The Thomas Dordrecht Historical Mystery Series

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Great Mischief


If Two Are Dead


Exquisite Folly


Quality trade paperback, Published by iUniverse, Inc., ©2006

ISBN: 978-0595415106

6” X 9” X 0.9”; 1.0 pounds; 280 pages

Listed at $17.95

Quality trade paperback, Published by iUniverse, Inc., ©2009

ISBN: 978-1440115233

6” X 9” X 1.0”; 1.1 pounds; 332 pages

Listed at $19.95

Quality trade paperback, Published by iUniverse, Inc., ©2012

ISBN: 978-1469791241

6” X 9” X 1.0”; 1.1 pounds; 338 pages

Listed at $19.95

Quality trade paperback, Published by iUniverse, Inc., ©2015

ISBN: 978-1491764824

6” X 9” X 1.0”; 1.2 pounds; 316 pages

Listed at $18.95



Many readers of these novels have waxed enthusiastic about their ingenuous hero, historical accuracy, exciting conflicts, and intriguing mystery, and the books have also won commendations and been praised in professional reviews. Doubtless the entire world will be talking about nothing else in short order—but, for a limited time only … you can still be the first on your block! Order today and beat the rush!



Die Fasting, Great Mischief, If Two Are Dead, and Exquisite Folly are now available by special order, from the author, the publisher, and such reputable on-line bookstores as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Booksamillion. They are also listed in Books-In-Print, so that local and national chain bookstores will be able to order them for you, on request.  It may be some time before you’ll simply find them on the shelf of your local bookstore.


For the time-being, ordering directly from the author is generally the cheapest and fastest paperback alternative in the USA. Readers outside the USA may be better served by the national Amazon retailer. (The author sincerely hopes this will not always be the case … but for the moment, it is, and he urges potential readers not to hesitate to purchase in this unconventional manner.)


Copies purchased directly from the author will of course be personally autographed!



To Order Paperbacks from the Author:

Notwithstanding the slight differences in the list prices of the four books, they are offered at a price dependent on the quantity of books requested. All prices are at a discount from the list price, and include all shipping and handling costs to domestic addresses.


Note that prices are inclusive of shipping and handling, but are for USA customers only.  Foreign customers are urged to avail themselves of e-book options or their national Amazon internet retailer, as international book mailing costs have become horrendous, while print-on-demand costs have dropped.




Domestic Orders

Any ONE book

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Any TWO books

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Any THREE books

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Any FOUR books

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Domestic delivery can be expected in 4-7 days


Click here to use our print-able order form (or otherwise transcribe the needed information), and convey it with funds in check or money order form. Your order will be fulfilled by return U.S. Mail (“Media Mail”).




To Order from Internet Booksellers: 

People unused to the convenience of shopping for books via the internet might well appreciate the opportunity to familiarize themselves!  Prices, fees, delivery capabilities, and payment methods vary with each vendor.

·       Amazon

·       Barnes and Noble

·       Booksamillion



To Order from A Local or National Chain Bookstore:

Call or visit the store during its business hours. After consulting Books-In-Print, a sales associate should quickly be able to arrange your purchase.



To Order from the Publisher:

Call (toll-free):   1-800-288-4677 during regular business hours

Via the Internet:  Description: Description: iUniverse-logo-header.gif

The publisher charges the list price, plus a shipping fee; and only accepts payment by credit card, money order, or certified check. 



To Order as An Electronic Book:

This increasingly viable and popular reading format can be accessed on Windows and Mac computers and various smart phones, in addition to dedicated e-reader hardware such as Kindle or iPad! It is also the indisputably cheapest way (at $2.99 each!) to acquire books of the Thomas Dordrecht Historical Mystery Series!

·       If you own a Kindle device, search the library for Jonathan Carriel.

·       Otherwise, sign up for an account. If you're a regular book reader of the old-fashioned paper kind, you'll be glad you did!

·       Then download the free Kindle emulation software appropriate to your computer hardware. Free versions are available for the PC and the Mac; the iPad e-reader; and BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone smart phones.

·       Using the above free software and your existing hardware, purchase and download Die Fasting, Great Mischief, If Two Are Dead, and/or Exquisite Folly  from’s “Kindle Store.” This takes about one minute of delivery time ... and you’re adventuring in colonial America!

·       We haven’t figured out how to embed our autograph directly into an e-book yet—but we’ve come close! Contact Jonathan Carriel by e-mail for your personalized e-autograph Version 1.0!




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