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Locales of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn




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The eastern tip of Coney Island—the entry to Sheepshead Bay—seen from the bayside beach at Breezy Point, three-quarters of a mile away to the south.

The southeast shore of Coney Island, seen from the Atlantic. The prominent rotunda of Kingsborough Community College … was not available as a landmark in 1762.

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The eastern tip, with Sheepshead Bay opening on the right. The map of the entire area has changed radically over the decades and centuries, as hurricanes and ocean forces have repeatedly rearranged its geography.

Now famed for its strip of seafood restaurants, Sheepshead Bay was a favorite of rum-runners in 1920s—and smugglers in the 18th Century.

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Sheepshead Bay has always been a small, shallow-draft harbor, unsuitable for most ocean-going shipping. But in certain circumstances, a vessel such as the Dorothy C. might stop in here in calm weather—where the likes of the HMS Enterprise could not follow!




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