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Northeast corner of Chambers Street and West Broadway. At the extreme edge of town in 1762, this is roughly where Thomas Dordrecht’s boarding house (not the Cosmopolitan Hotel) was located.

Southwest corner of Chambers Street and Centre Street—and the northeast corner of City Hall Park. The darker sidewalk tiles delineate the footprint of the British army barracks built in 1758.

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Looking north into City Hall Park from Park Row, we see the building itself and the statue of Nathan Hale—who was actually hanged at East 66th Street and Third Avenue.

Looking east down Maiden Lane from Broadway. Adelie & John Glasby’s leased home was approximately where the Alfanoose middle eastern restaurant is now.

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Hanover Square is now a very small but attractive park. The brownstone building on its west side, currently Bayard’s Restaurant, was once “India House,” and before that the N.Y. Cotton Exchange. In the 18th Century, it was fine residences, the home of Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Leavering.

Peck Slip, a focus of New York’s shipping industry for centuries, is now slowly turning residential. Whether the excavations currently under way are due to infrastructure repairs—or archaeology—your author was unable to determine.

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An 18th Century commercial building  on Peck Slip might have looked something like this. Of  course, the windows and doorway on the near wall would have been real! Imagined as the site of offices of Castell, Leavering & Sproul.

A 19th Century engraving of  the Livingston Sugar House and Middle Dutch Collegiate Church (1731, demolished 1882) on Nassau Street. The British used it as a prison during the Revolutionary War.



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