Jonathan Carriel’s Interviews

and Public Presentations



Author introduction (radio) interview

[17:00; interview by Steve Jorgenson, October 4, 2012]


Jonathan Carriel analyzes the dramatic historical background of the New York City Stamp Act Riots

[41:00; interview by Arthur Piccolo, August 26, 2015]


Jonathan Carriel describes the planned commemoration on site at Bowling Green

[7:00; video by Arthur Piccolo, October 13, 2015]


“Mini-Documentary: The 250th Anniversary of the NYC Stamp Act Riot”—taken live at the commemoration at Bowling Green

[6:00; video by Matt Zachary Johnson, November 1, 2015]


Presentation of the Thomas Dordrecht Series concept at a “Triple Book Party” (coordinated with authors Matt Zachary Johnson and Frederick Cookinham)

[11:21; video by Matt Zachary Johnson, May 14, 2016]