“Electronic Autographs” Now Available!


In a technological development that would briefly have addled Thomas Dordrecht—just briefly, he being temperamentally eager to keep up with the future—writers with electronic books for sale are experimenting with “electronic autographs.”  Modern marketing:  another field that would intrigue our hero! 


Your present author has made a stab at this marvel and come up with what you can see below.  Not entirely satisfying, perhaps, because it can’t be embedded directly into the electronic manuscript.  The result is a small .JPG file that could be e-mailed and placed by the recipient into a computer’s subdirectory, perhaps with other electronic-literary productions. 


For what it’s worth to any of my readers, you have but to ask, and I’ll be happy to oblige!


E-autograph-I2AD writing.JPG


Creating an “electronic autograph” on a tablet PC with an “electronic pen.”

An example of a finished electronic autograph—a .JPG file.





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